May 2023


book scent in chemistryperfume and flavor material of natural origin.Rose is so synonymous with perfumery along with Jasmine .Why rose is used so much in perfumery isIt has got rich ,tenacious which means very long lasting and radiant profile, means it is very complex and luxurious and quite projecting .Why its so expensive ; nearly […]

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I researched and found that the best oud oils are from Cambodia, India, Malaysia , Thailand ,Sirilanka etc.Travelling to Cambodia seemed bit dangerous and fear of impurity in Indian Ouds I decided to visit Malaysia. I managed to meet directly the owner of the distillery, visited his distillery and bought upper class stuff from the

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My Journey

My journey of passion with perfumes /scentsI am 65 years old and has been using attars/perfumes since age of 5-6 . I belong to a small town in Pakistan. As long as I remember the house was full of the smell of roses , Jasmine and night blooming Jasmine along with other flowers grown in

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